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Doctorate in Business Administration DBA

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA -3 Years)

What is Doctorate in Business Administration DBA? You’ll develop skills in business through an in-depth research project on a topic of your choice and the development of advanced academic skills. You’ll cover a wide range of research topics, from consumer behaviour to management accounting, or leadership to production control. The key is that you are […]
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MBA-Master of Business Administration

Key Facts Course Code : N1834 Qualification: MBA Typical Course Length : 1 Year The Aberystwyth MBA enables you to develop an understanding of higher-level managerial skills and concepts and their application in practical situations. You will be taught and will learn through a balanced curriculum, including theory, workshops, and case studies taken from the […]
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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Key Facts Course Code : N1832 Qualification: PhD Typical Course Length : 1 Year Complete your Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) here, conducting original academic research and making a new contribution to your specific field of study. As the highest level of academic qualification we offer, a PhD gives you the platform to make significant advances […]
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Professional Doctorate (DProf)

A Professional Doctorate (DProf) allows qualified professionals to study for a doctorate while remaining in employment. A DProf will be awarded in recognition of the successful completion of an approved taught programme of study, together with the successful completion of further study and research. This research can be directly linked to and benefit your organisation, […]
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