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Professional Doctorate – DProf

Professional Doctorate (DProf)

The Professional Doctorate is intended to allow qualified professional to study for a doctorate whilst remaining in employment and to conduct doctoral level research, which may be based upon their profession practice. A professional doctorate will be awarded in recognition of the successful completion of an approved taught programme of study, together with successful completion of further study and research.

IHK Germany

IHK is focused on business and professional works with a sound knowledge of how the economy works and it has member companies spread across various locations tasked with improving prosperity and growth. IHK represents 79 chambers of commerce and industry with multiple responsibilities and goals. Each IHK provides custom advisory services and assistance to promote economic growth. The support is available to entrepreneurs and startups to give them comprehensive guidance on tax, legal and commercial issues pertaining to international markets. IHKs work at local and international levels, positioning them ideally to serve segments with wide-ranging interests. IHKs are independent organizations but with a deep sense of responsibility to provide the best assistance to further interests of members of chambers of industry and commerce.

IHK Akademie

In operation since last 50 years and going from strength to strength, IHK Akademie offers training across a broad range of commercial and technical topics. IHK Akademie is facilitator and conduit, tasked with multiple tasks numbering over 50, assigned by the State government and self-designed. Providing dual vocational training to youth is one among the many tasks that IHK carries out with professional competence.

Please find below our current requirement
German Language
1 Engineering (BE/BTECH) Level-B1 Electrical Apply Now
2 Level-B1 Electronics Apply Now
3 Level-B1 Mechatronics Apply Now
4 Level-B1 Mechanical (Metal/Hydrolic/HVAC) Apply Now
5 Level-B1 Industrial Apply Now
6 Level-B1 Green/Sustainable Energy Apply Now
7 Level-B1 Information Technology (IT) Apply Now
8 Level-B1 Software Engineering Apply Now
9 Level-B1 Computer Science Apply Now
10 Level-B1 Management Information Systems (MIS) Apply Now
11 Level-B1 Civil Engineering Apply Now
12 Level-B1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apply Now
13 Level-B1 Robotics Apply Now
14 Level-B1 Aerospace Engineering Apply Now
15 Hotel Management Level-B1 Hotel Management & Hospitality/Business Administration Apply Now
16 Culinary Level-B1 Chefs (Diploma Graduates) Apply Now
17 Business Admin Level-B1 Finance & Banking (Diploma Graduates) Apply Now
18 Medicine Level-C1 Doctors Apply Now
19 Allied Health Level-B2 Nurses  (BSc/Diploma Indian outside India) Apply Now
20 Level-B2 Physio-Therapy Apply Now
21 Level-B2 X-Ray Technicians Apply Now
22 Level-B2 Lab Technolohists Apply Now
23 Level-B2 Dental Technicians Apply Now

German Adaptation Program

The program includes Soft skill workshops, seminars and courses conducted by German experts from IHK Akademie Germany over a period of four months.

  1. Communication in professional settings
  2. Rhetoric and behavior in professional setting
  3. Occupational health care management
  4. How to deal with apprentices
  5. Electric standards
  6. Overview of forms of alternative energy production
  7. Time management
  8. Dealing with conflicts
  9. Conflict management
  10. The social system of Germany
  11. German work contracts
  12. Teamwork Body language

Benefits of working in Germany

  • Free education to children
  • Workers can bring along their spouse and children
  • Free medical care
  • Social welfare benefits
  • Pension
  • Eligible for permanent residence after a set period

Meet & Greet Services

Our service goes beyond simple meet and greet. Once candidates receive employment visa from the German Embassy or Consulate they are required to notify us so that we can make travel arrangements including flight bookings and to notify our counterpart in Germany to prepare for your arrival. On the ground arrival service covers the following areas:

  • Our German representative meets candidates at the airport.
  • Our representative arranges transport and The candidate will be placed at a decent hotel for 2-3 days..
  • During this period candidates undergo orientation seminars arranged by our representative.
  • In the meanwhile our German counterpart arranges suitable rented accommodation based on the client budget and preference.
  • He then assists candidate to shift to the new accommodation and to settle in and then take a tour of the neighborhood.
  • The next step is for our German representative to take the candidate to the employer for introduction followed by signing of a contract for 3 to 5 years, renewable thereafter.
  • Our German representative assists clients to open bank account and register with appropriate authorities such as Housing Authority, statutory pension insurance authority and health insurance.
  • The next step is to conclude the liability insurance policy.
  • Thereafter candidates are taken to the Foreigner’s Office for extension of the residence permit.
  • The candidate’s ID and other documents are checked and verified to confirm they are all in order.
  • Our local assistant is always on standby for three years to provide immigration and work related assistance in order to stay compliant with German immigration regulations and to help candidates find new jobs if required and benefit from being an officially registered employee.


View our 2021 prospectus of
brochure for an easy to read guide on
all of the services offer.

How It Works

FAQS- Job Placement
  • Engineers all specializations
  • Hotel Management
  • Culinary
  • Business Administration
  • Paramedical Technicians 
  • Doctors

We accept fresh candidates for job placement. We provide 6 months on the job training in Germany.

German Language B1-Level mandatory for employment Visa.  German language B1 should be certified by the authorized institutes like Geothe/OSD/Telc.

Yes, Applicants can enroll for our online classes. We offer A1, A2 & B1 Levels, Our tutors are “well qualified” with years of experience. We offer flexible class schedule. Our teacher-student ratio is 1:6

Candidates should have  B1 Level certification from authorized test centers like – Geothe/OSD/Telc for German employment visa process.

It is very important to attend German adaptation program with 100% attendance and clear the assessments conducted by IHK-Akademie.

German language training, German adaptation program,  Job placements in Germany plus meet & greet services in Germany, all of these are paid services for more information email to [email protected]

We find jobs & place you according to your qualification in relevant domains.

Minimum wages : €9.4/hour

Salary ranging from €2200 to €2700 per month

The initial job contact is for 3-5 years. This is a renewable contract.

Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance, as we screen the profile in the beginning stage. For those candidates who successfully completes the German Language B1-Level & German Adaptation Program,  job placement is guaranteed .

Dubai is optional for candidates who finds it difficult to get test dates at authorized German language test centers in India. One year student Visa is provided for candidate’s to complete German language, German adaptation program in Dubai.

We provide student Visa, Accommodation, Transportation, Flight ticket, sim card, bank account opening in Dubai, meet & greet services.

We do not provide food, but the accommodation has cooking  facility.

The job offer enables candidates to visit near by German consulate to get work Visa. We will be responsible for the employment visa process. 

Yes, we have made arrangements with our German partners for meet & greet services.

1.The candidate will be received at the designated town main station/airport

2.The candidate will be placed at a decent hotel for 2-3 days.

3.The candidate will receive orientation (integration seminars) during the stay at the hotel.

4.Our German partner, GP, locates a decent and reasonable accommodation for the candidate.

5.The candidate will be shifted to the selected accommodation.

6.The candidate will be transported to his/her employer for introduction, where the contract signing should take place and usually the employment contract is for 3-5 renewable years.

7.Our partner, GP, will assist the candidate to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Purchase SIM card
  • Register with the Housing Authority
  • Register with the statutory health insurance
  • Register with the statutory pension insurance
  • Conclude the liability insurance policy
  • Extend of the candidate’s residence permit at the Foreigners’ Office
  • Sort out the candidate’s related official documents such as ID and others.