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BTEC Management Consultancy, a renowned overseas education consultant in Dubai, provides valuable and reliable information to our users through our official website, www.btec.ae. We strive to offer the utmost convenience to students seeking information related to overseas education.

We want to emphasize that while we make every effort to provide accurate information, users are strongly encouraged to cross-verify the details from appropriate sources. Our intention is to assist and support students on their educational journey.

Any information or links shared from external websites or resources are solely the responsibility of the users. We urge students to investigate and understand the terms and conditions of information obtained from these external sources and to verify the authenticity of the information before making significant decisions based on it.

Access to our website is subject to agreement with our Disclaimer Policy, which is in place to ensure the best possible user experience.

All content featured on www.btec.ae is the property of BTEC Management Consultancy and is protected by the copyright laws of the UAE. Therefore, any copying of information from our website is strictly prohibited.

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At BTEC Management Consultancy, we place great importance on transparency and the principles of “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware.” We believe in fostering strong, trusting relationships with our clients while ensuring the clarity of our terms and conditions:

  1. Client-Firm Relationship: It is both mandatory and a shared responsibility for clients to sign a Retainer Agreement with BTEC Management Consultancy. This agreement is the foundation of our professional relationship, outlining the terms and scope of our services. We encourage clients to understand and agree to this arrangement, which sets the stage for a productive collaboration.
  2. Receipt of Payments: We request that all clients prioritize the acquisition of a Fee Receipt for any and all payments made to BTEC Management Consultancy. This ensures financial transparency and accountability on both sides, making the payment process seamless and secure.
  3. Non-Clients: It is essential to reiterate that individuals who do not sign a Retainer Agreement or make payments to BTEC Management Consultancy, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are not considered clients of our consultancy. This clarification is provided to protect both parties and underscores the significance of clear communication.
  4. Assumption of Risk: Any person who chooses not to become a client in accordance with our terms does so at their own risk and peril. In such cases, BTEC Management Consultancy, as well as its Directors, Employees, Agents, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, and Business Associates, cannot be held liable for any monetary, career, personal, time, or opportunity loss incurred by the individual due to fee-related matters.

We want to ensure that our clients have a full understanding of our working relationship and the associated responsibilities. By adhering to these principles, we aim to create a positive and productive experience for all parties involved, and we appreciate your cooperation in this regard.